The Future's Dark Past-

​I finished your book. The last 100 pages are a whirlwind. I really enjoyed the unique voices of Kants and Kristen. And I enjoyed the book overall. You need to get it out there.

​​Really a good read.  Really creative overall. Hell, I was thinking your outline alone took one hell of an effort.

                                                         - Bob Reddish


Well.... Writing of course!  What else is there?  

  • Specialist in creating worlds of fiction
  • Expert in transferring visual thoughts to meaningful concepts
  • Superb plot builder, creating multiple plot lines into one cohesive story line
  • Characters come to life on the page and in the reader's mind​
  • Writing style often compared to David Baldacci (I totally apologize David for dropping your name here but it was required)



About Me

Most will think John just appeared on the scene but he's been writing for quite some time.  John loves telling stories.  

John will tell you that he married a simply wonderful and gorgeous woman, Leanne. They've been together now for almost three decades.  The Yarrow's have  three awesome kids who are all young, thriving  adults now.  Thus the free time to write again!

John loves fly fishing!   He once  dreamt he golfed a 70, and  couldn't wait to show off for his friend Richard.  In reality, you could double that, and it would be a truer score.  John's goal is to play more now that has the time!  



John Yarrow’s passion for creating a good story literally spills out onto the pages of his writing. Using his insightful observations and sharp sense of humor, he deftly weaves intriguing tales and compelling characters into a fast-paced, satisfying read. He has plenty to draw from as a technology expert in the corporate world, a graduate-school professor, middle-school educator and former football coach, and a dedicated family man. He’s published magazine articles and a script adaption that was produced and aired on National Public Radio. John has authored a cache of several relatable novels and scripts that explore his fascination for the struggles of the global issues confronting humanity and the endless possibilities of futuristic world-building. His skills have been honed into a craft to be enjoyed by many, including his current work, the award-winning The Future’s Dark Past series. 

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