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The Recombinant Theory

My first completed book in the series.  

What would happen if a scientist discovered a new way to splice the genetic code of one species into another ? With his son dying of a genetic disease, our protagonist, Dr. Jason Hoffman cuts corners and uses himself as a guinea pig to prove out his work.  He alters the DNA schematics his own senses; however, there is ill fated side effect. The formula is like a cancer that destroys the molecular structure of his brain. Jason realizes he is going to die if he does not reverse his DNA code.   Complicating matters, the CIA and the KGB  have discovered though use of stealth technology what Doctor Hoffman is doing. Realizing it's potential use for creating super soldiers,  both governments use extortion and terrorist tactics to secure for the formula. Unable to trust anyone, Jason hides his work from everyone.  With the CIA hell bent on capturing the doctor, Jason must save his family and himself before the inevitable happens to him. This frantic race leads to a spellbinding finish as we discover who wins the Recombinant Theory.

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Best Science Fiction Books

Book Two: Time Unfolding

The second book finds our protagonist, Hunter Coburn,  hurtling back to his original time period.  He must find a way to break into the National Security Agency to retrieve the futuristic weapons they have secured from past Time Forward Project missions.  To accomplish this daunting task, Hunter enlists his artificially intelligent mainframe to develop a plan of attack that won't prove fatal.  After watching an all-consuming battle on Earth, our other hero, Kants, is in a fight to save Mars from being overtaken by the Muslim Liberation Front.  Hunter's erstwhile partner, Kristen, travels back in time to 2084 for her next mission, pulling Hunter along with her.  They must stop the Mahjid Alharmari mosque at the top of a 130 skyscraper from being blown up, triggering the Jihad's Purge War.

This book is scheduled for release in winter, 2021

Book Three: Time Impacted

What leads up to the Purge War that could potentially destroy almost all life on Earth?  Countries merge into continents to protect themselves from the Jihadist Liberation Front.  Can anything stop the JLF from conquering the world and converting humanity to one religion? 

This book is framed and in the wings, ready to be written.  SCRATCH THAT!  I've started writing it!  Can't deny it. Feels good to start the third in this series. Wraps up the whole story.

The Future's Dark Past: Book One​

My latest completed book  won grand prize in the CYGNUS Sci-Fi  writing context and was nominated a top five finalist in the Authors First writing contest!  

In the late 21st century, nations band together against the hard-lined Jihad Liberation Front that results in a nuclear winter. With resources almost gone in the 24th century, the Time Forward Project uses a time anomaly to send genetically enhanced warriors to the past to stop the war before it ever starts.

Instead of risking a dimensional rift that could destroy them all, another group of time-travelers, the violent Kepler Separatists, send troops back to thwart their efforts. They intend to launch an armada to colonize the planet Proxima-B, which would mean the annihilation of its indigenous population, a reprehensible prospect to the Time Forward Project.

In the here-and-now, A.I. scientist Hunter Coburn is forced to partner with the group’s tough-as-titanium Kristen Winters on missions that hopscotch across the millennia to alter events that led up to the Purge War in 2098. Coburn struggles to regain his old life back, but with his moral compass spinning out of control, our uneasy hero must use his AI mainframe to figure out which group is right, even as he loses everything he holds dear. In this high-stakes treacherous race, his AI could be their best weapon or the inadvertent trigger.

"I just finished your book.  Couldn't put it down!!!  I read it for 5 hours straight.  I really love the way you worked with the 'non-linear' timeline.  It was interesting having characters coming in and out, their stories weaving around each other.  I also like the conflicting idea of fixed vs elastic time.  Also, I can't wait to find out what happens next!"  Julia Stinson


The Recombinant Theory (completed)

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Earth Dismantled

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